WINONA, MINNESOTA, USA – RTP Company, a global compounder of custom engineered thermoplastics, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Zeotherm® TPV product line from Zeon Chemicals. The transaction, completed in May of 2019, encompasses all products sold globally under the Zeotherm® TPV name.

“This acquisition is just the latest step in our rapidly expanding Thermoplastic Elastomer business,” explains Todd Gummersbach, General Manager – TPEs at RTP Company. “The Zeotherm® TPVs expand our product line, which includes compounds based on SEBS, TPV, TPU, POE, COPE, and COPA, making it one of the broadest TPE product portfolios in the industry.”

Zeotherm® TPV products are complex and diverse formulations that are available in durometers ranging from 70A through 40D. The material offers 150° C continuous use performance while withstanding long-term exposure to engine oils and lubricant greases, a level that cannot be achieved with other TPEs or Copolyesters. In addition, Zeotherm® TPV bonds well to nylon substrates in overmolding applications.

“This TPV technology, along with RTP Company’s Nylabond® products, offers customers a full range of nylon-based TPV options that can be customized to fit the precise requirements of an application,” says Gummersbach. “For design engineers with applications that require high performance in potentially harsh environments, such as under-the-hood automotive parts or harsh industrial applications, Zeotherm® TPVs can be an excellent material choice.”

oil filter gasket

For under-the-hood automotive parts like this oil filter gasket, Zeotherm® TPVs offer excellent adhesion to Nylon (PA), improved temperature resistance, and the ability to withstand long-term exposure to oil, for better sealing performance.