For those working in potentially explosive locations such as mines, factories, agricultural silos, oil platforms, and chemical processing environments, facing danger is an everyday occurrence. The ATEX Directive (94/9/EC) has been fully implemented in Europe to protect the safety of workers in these types of environments.

The ATEX Directive provides the framework for controlling the performance of equipment and protective systems used in potentially explosive atmospheres caused by flammable gases, vapors, or combustible dusts. To be ATEX compliant, the plastic parts in these systems must meet stringent performance criteria, including static dissipative, UV stability, temperature resistance, impact properties, chemical resistance and flammability.

RTP Company recently introduced an advanced line of PermaStat PLUS® compounds to help manufacturers who supply plastic equipment meet the demanding static dissipative requirements mandated in the ATEX directive. PermaStat PLUS® has superior electrical properties with a consistent surface resistance of 107 to 108 ohm and a static decay rate of less than 0.5 seconds. This static dissipative performance makes these compounds ideal for ATEX applications that require surface resistance of <109 ohm.

RTP Company assists manufacturers of products that must comply with the ATEX Directive through extensive material knowledge and design assistance. RTP can also help customers work with the necessary notifying bodies during testing and certification to expediate the process of obtaining part approval and receive the critical EX symbol.

PermaStat PLUS® utilizes IDP (Inherently Dissipative Polymer) technology to provide controlled, permanent static dissipation that cannot be obtained with carbonbased additives. This all-polymeric and colorable technology is applicable to a wide variety of resin bases, including:

  • PermaStat PLUS® 100—Polypropylene
  • PermaStat PLUS® 200—Nylon 6/6
  • PermaStat PLUS® 200A—Nylon 6
  • PermaStat PLUS® 200F—Nylon 12
  • PermaStat PLUS® 300—Polycarbonate
  • PermaStat PLUS® 600—ABS
  • PermaStat PLUS® 1000—PBT
  • PermaStat PLUS® 1200—TPU
  • PermaStat PLUS® 1800—PMMA
  • PermaStat PLUS® 2500—PC/ABS
  • PermaStat PLUS® 2800—TPV
  • PermaStat PLUS® 6002—Bondable/overmold TPE

PermaStat PLUS® 600 (ABS) and 1800 (PMMA) are available in transparent grades