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End-Use Case Study

Coil Spring Cable GuardRecent advances in tooling and equipment have made it possible to extrude high performance engineering thermoplastic compounds and alloys with precision approaching that of injection molding. These engineering materials offer high strength/stiffness, low wear/coefficients of friction, chemical resistance, and specific electrical properties such as static dissipation.

Extrusion is often used when:

  • Parts are long and zero draft angle is required
  • Parts need to be supplied in variable lengths
  • There is an undercut over the length of the part
  • The part requires uni-directional fiber lineup
  • Low tooling costs are a necessity

RTP Company’s specialty compounds have been specified for extruded applications, such as:

Coil Spring Stock
Using a carbon fiber-reinforced RTP 2200 Series PEEK™ compound, this part is converted into a garter spring to prohibit protrusion of the rubber seal in extremely high value down hole seals. The material maintains strength and stiffness in a harsh environment of high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive chemicals and meets Six Sigma quality standards.

Cable Guard
Coil Spring Cable Guard 2A glass reinforced RTP 2100 Series polyetherimide compound protects power cables under mass transit cars from the impact of debris. The guard isolates the cables from the outside and, with its self-extinguishing characteristics, inhibits the spread of fire. The lightweight, strong material has low heat release and acts as an excellent electrical insulator.

Duct Assembly
A glass reinforced RTP 300 Series flame retardant polycarbonate compound works well in the assembly, which delivers cool air to electronics in a missile. The material reduces cost and weight of layup composite while providing dimensional stability, strength and stiffness under vibration and temperature extremes. It is economically machined into its final configuration.

“Extrusioneering: Elevating Extrusions to A Higher Engineering Art Form”

Certified Thermoplastics Co., Inc., in Burbank, California, specializes in profile extrusion using engineering thermoplastic resins, compounds, and alloys. Their wide range of material resources offers designers a breakthrough in creative options in function and properties. Since 1978, CTP’s engineers have been rising to the challenge of increased application complexity, responding with greater sophistication in tooling and processing. Many thanks to George Duncan, President, and Michael Brown, Director of Sales, at CTP for their assistance with this article. Contact CTP at 1-888-846-3883 or visit their website at

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