Case Studies: PEEK™ Applications

Wafer Carrier

Modern automated wafer handling processes have increased the need for tighter tolerances on wafer carriers. Entegris, Inc., is the first company to make significant changes to the original linear wafer carriers developed in the early 1970’s Continue reading

Surgical Head Restraint System

Performance Plastics took on the challenge to convert the head restraint assembly from titanium to plastic. Continue reading

Surgical Camera Housing

Smith & Nephew Endoscopy is a world leader in the growing market of minimally invasive surgery. Much of their success can be attributed to incorporating new technologies and designs into their product development process. Continue reading

Compressor Valve Plate

A key element to meeting higher temperatures and speed performance expectations is a tough compressor valve plate with high thermal and dimensional stability. Continue reading

Duct Assembly, Coil Spring & Cable Guard

Recent advances in tooling and equipment have made it possible to extrude high performance engineering thermoplastic compounds and alloys with precision approaching that of injection molding. Continue reading

Sample Injector Valve Component

A PEEK™ compound, using the material’s outstanding combination of strength, dimensional stability and inertness, is the material of choice for a scientific instrument application. Continue reading

Automotive A/C Compressor

When Visteon Automotive Systems began manufacturing scroll compressors for automotive air conditioning systems, it chose a PEEK™-based specialty compound for the compressor’s tip seals. Continue reading

Tiltrotor Aircraft Components

The Osprey “tiltrotor” aircraft typifies the innovation and creativity common to the aerospace industry. Continue reading

Aircraft Assemblies

PEEK™ compounds are an excellent choice for high temperature aerospace, electronic and automotive applications. Continue reading

Aircraft Hinge Bracket

An RTP Company glass fiber-reinforced PEEK™ compound is specified for the hinge bracket assemblies of overhead storage compartments in Boeing 767 airplanes. Continue reading

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