Long-Cut Masterbatches Strengthen Long Fiber Product Line

Longcut Fiber

Cube blended long-cut masterbatch pellets from RTP Company are similar in geometry to LFT pellets so separation during handling is limited, allowing customers to receive a superior and more economic LFT.

RTP Company has combined its expertise for additive masterbatches and long fiber thermoplastic (LFT) composites to create a line of property enhancing cube blends. The similar geometry of long-cut additive masterbatches to LFT pellets minimizes separation, resulting in superior LFT products.

“We are in a unique supply situation with our ability to formulate and produce long cut color and additive packages that complement our LFT business,” said Eric Lee, Business Manager—Structural Products. “By extending our compounding competencies to long-cut additives for LFTs, we are able to create robust LFT solutions that minimize lead times and cost.”

Masterbatches are widely used as an economical means of enhancing standard resins. LFT suppliers are limited in how they deliver LFT products containing additives. RTP Company’s superior masterbatch technology offers customers more choices: additives as long-cut pellets for dry blending or single LFT pellets with all additives included.

“Combining technologies like custom colors, UV stabilization, wear resistance, or static dissipation with LFTs is an underutilized advantage for the marketplace,” said Karl Hoppe, lead R&D engineer for LFTs. RTP Company compounds a wide variety of additive technologies and can customize long-cut additive masterbatch packages to meet specific end-use requirements.

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