RTP Company offers a glass-filled nylon 6/6 compound that has obtained a complete UL yellow card listing, including an all-color flame rating of V-0 at extremely thin sections (0.019 in or 0.48 mm). The RTP 205 FR compound contains 30% glass fiber for applications that require a combination of flame retardance and strength.

“Not only does this product have a full UL rating,” said Paul Killian, Product Manager for Flame Retardant Materials, “It is also approved by UL for regrind usage up to 50%. Where applicable, this allows greater flexibility and cost savings for our molders by expanding their ability to recycle parts, sprues, and runners.”

The compound’s UL yellow card also contains the following approvals:

RTI @ 0.8mm of: 130°C electrical
105°C mechanical with impact
130°C mechanical without impact
RTI @ 1.5 mm of: 140°C electrical
130°C mechanical with impact
140°C mechanical without impact

Short-term electrical properties have also been rated on the yellow card at the following performance level categories:

ASTM D495 6