RTP Company officials recently announced five-day turnaround times for shipping color matches for most standard unfilled resins.

Color matches will be formulated within five working days for most unfilled ABS, acetal, acrylic, nylon, polycarbonate, polypropylene, and polysulfone materials. Color chips and supporting documentation will be shipped by next day air in distinctively-marked envelopes.

To facilitate the shorter lead times, a Color Technology Group has been formed at the Winona facility. This group will also provide worldwide technical support, evaluate new colorants, and explore innovative color technologies.

“Customers need increasingly shorter lead times for color matches,” explained Don Stengel, Color Lab Manager. “Our team approach helps us respond quickly while maintaining exacting standards in the lab.”

Engineered Samples

Five-day turnaround times for shipping engineered samples of most common resins, fillers, reinforcements and additives were also announced.

Qualifying engineered samples can be produced from 16 standard resin families, several fillers and reinforcements (including all glass fiber compounds), and common additives. Available in natural or black, the samples will ship within five working days in boxes marked with distinctive labels.

“This response time is incredible,” said Steve Maki, Manager Technology. “Thanks to improved raw material supplies and higher inventory levels, we can help our customers meet even tighter deadlines in manufacturing and design.”