25 Years1982 was filled with many notable events. The Boeing 767 made its first commercial debut. Tremendous advances in personal computers prompted TIME Magazine to name the computer its “Man of the Year.” In film, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial ruled the box office. In plastics, RTP Company was founded, triggering a wellspring of thermoplastic imagineering for decades to come.

RTP Company began when the thermoplastic portion of Fiberite combined with Plastic Trading Company. RTP Company’s charter was to apply innovation to all facets of the business by providing customers with custom compounds to meet their specific needs.

Twenty-five years later, RTP Company is still a privately-owned, family-operated business led by President and CEO, Hugh Miller. This independence allows RTP Company to select from over 60 engineering resins and hundreds of additives to create solutions ideally matched to its customers’ end-use requirements. This is called Imagineering Plastics.

RTP Company has grown to be the global leader in specialty compounds. We have continued the tradition of value-added service by offering complementary plastic technologies, including: sheet and film, masterbatches, and industry standard compounds.

During this time of celebration, we would like to say “thank you” to all our customers who have made our 25th anniversary possible. We appreciate being part of your successes and we look forward to the next 25 years together. Thank You!

A History of Imagineering Breakthrough Solutions

For 25 years, RTP Company has been providing solutions to complex applications with our conductive, structural, wear resistant, flame retardant, soft-touch, and color technologies.


PermaStat®, a unique product line offering permanent static dissipation, was first introduced in 1992. Throughout the years the line has been continually updated with PermaStat PLUS® being the latest addition. It was introduced in 2006 to meet the stringent ATEX requirements for hazardous and explosive environments.

Long Fiber

Long FiberSince 1989, RTP Company has helped customers produce tough yet lightweight injection molded solutions with long fiber compounds. Continual expansion of long fiber lines and new product development has kept RTP Company at the forefront in long fiber technology.

In 2006, RTP Company substantially increased capacity with the addition of multiple long fiber lines augmented by state-of-the-art equipment.

Notable Events

  • 1982 — The birth of RTP Company
  • 1984 — First satellite production facility is opened in South Boston, Virginia
  • 1992 — RTP Company develops PermaStat®, the first all-polymeric conductive
  • compound
  • 1995 — A global milestone! Facility in Beaune, France is opened to become RTP Company’s first international plant
  • 1996 — Fort Worth, Texas facility is opened
  • 1997 — Indianapolis, Indiana facility is opened
  • 2002 — A landmark event! Singapore facility is opened, signifying the first RTP Company manufacturing plant in Asia
  • 2004 — Sheet plant in Winona is opened and the Sheet Extrusion Division is launched. The group is renamed the Sheet & Film Division in 2007
  • 2005 — Color Division serves customers with masterbatches, compounds, and cube blends
  • 2005 — Industry standard compounds offered by the Value Products Division
  • 2005 — An international milestone! The first China facility is opened in Suzhou
  • 2006 — Wiman Corporation, a leading film manufacturer, is acquired
  • 2006 — Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Division is launched, offering innovative soft-touch technology and rigid/elastomeric combinations
  • 2006 — Long Fiber expansion, including a new plant in Winona and new lines worldwide
  • 2007 — 25 years and growing strong!