Specialty compounder RTP company has expanded its elastomer product offerings by adding three new resin systems. Designated the RTP 2700U, 2700S and 2800B Series, these new systems combine the functional performance and properties of conventional thermoset rubbers with the processability of thermoplastics for an excellent balance of physical properties and economics.

With shore hardnesses ranging from 30A to 75D, these new systems can be formulated with properties to increase strength, impart flame retardancy, provide conductivity, and alter appearance through special effects coloring. All property enhancements are done during the initial compounding phase which means they have a single heat history.

Engineered to be compatible with a variety of rigid thermoplastics, these new systems give designers flexibility in overmolded soft touch and ergonomic applications such as grips, handles, tools, gaskets, seals, hoses, bumpers, strain reliefs, electrical boots, and wheels. They permit the fabrication of “rubber-like” articles with the speed, efficiency, and economy of injection molding, extrusion, or blow molding.

In addition to the RTP 2700U, 2700S and 2800B Series, which are based on SBS, SEBS, and TPV resin systems respectively, RTP Company’s elastomer product family also includes copolyester, polyurethane, and copolyester amide elastomers.