Specialty compounder RTP Company introduces advancements in high gravity compounds (HGC) for lead replacement applications that typically fall within density ranges of 5 to 11 gm/cc. These heavy-weighted HGCs provide improved processing capabilities for manufacturers of lead replacement products with increased lot-to-lot material consistency and superior consistency within lots when compared to other HGCs.

With the advancements in HGC technology, RTP Company can formulate new grades with lower viscosity which results in improved flow during processing. “Lower viscosity can help with filling thinner walls, more intricate designs, and can improve surface finish of molded pieces,” said Karl Hoppe, RTP Company Product Development Engineer. “Lower viscosity can even improve thermal stability, as it takes less shear heat to get the material to flow.” Performance improvements are the most dramatic in the highest specific gravity materials which are typically in the density ranges of 9 to 11 gm/cc and are compounded with nylon. This technology has been expanded to improve viscosity in other resin systems, including thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, polypropylene, and even PEEK.

RTP Company works closely with companies to develop high quality lead-free alternatives in the Automotive, Ammunition, Recreation, and Medical industries. Typical applications include wheel weights, projectiles, fishing sinkers, and radiation shielding. In addition to lead replacement applications, RTP Company also develops HGCs for products that typically used metal for weight manipulation. Many of these products are sporting goods where density-controlled compounds greatly improve the performance of bats, golf clubs, racquets, and footwear.