RTP Company’s non-halogenated flame retardant compounds (NHC’s) are designed to help manufacturers meet environmental guidelines outlined by Eco-label initiatives such as the German Blue Angel, the EU White Flower Eco-label, and the Nordic White Swan.

In addition to V-0 performance, these compounds offer lower smoke emission during combustion and lower corrosivity to sensitive metal and electronic circuitry. The specific gravities of non-halogenated compounds are, in many cases, lower than comparable brominated or chlorinated systems, resulting in a lower cost per volume and reduced part weight. These properties make the materials excellent choices for applications such as computer housings, business equipment, appliances, telecommunications and building components.

Currently, RTP Company offers standard non-halogenated FR compounds rated V-0 @1.6 mm (1/16 inch) or better in PP, nylon 6/6, PC/ABS and PTT. And, of course, custom formulations are always available to meet unique application demands.

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