Specialty compounder RTP Company expands its Long Fiber product line with Victrex® PEEK™ (Polyetheretherketone). These RTP 2200 Series PEEK Long Fiber Compounds significantly improve impact strength when compared to conventional short fiber PEEK materials, making them ideal for metal replacement applications.

“RTP Company’s Long Fiber Compounds are superior to short fiber products because the longer fibers mechanically interlock, which typically reduce warpage and shrinkage and absorb higher stress levels,” commented Bob Wick, Product Manager at RTP Company. “PEEK Long Fiber Compounds from RTP Company offer several important additional advantages, with the most noteworthy benefit being a significant increase in notched Izod impact.”

Recent tests prove that RTP Company’s Long Fiber PEEK 30% glass-filled compounds have more than twice the impact strength of short fiber PEEK 30% glass-filled compounds. Long fiber PEEK containing 40% and 50% long glass fiber also demonstrated dramatic increases over their short glass fiber counterparts (see graph). Other expected benefits include improved long-term creep and fatigue and better dimensional stability especially at elevated temperatures.

Notched Izod ImpactLong fiber compounds are ideal metal replacement materials. They offer many benefits including weight reduction, increased throughput, part consolidation, reduction of secondary processing, and improved chemical resistance to name a few. PEEK Long Fiber Compounds are suitable for metal replacement applications in the compressor and pump markets where excellent chemical resistance, high mechanical properties, elevated temperatures, and outstanding wear resistance are required.

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