RTP Company’s family of Thermally Conductive Compounds (TCC’s) offers an excellent balance of cost, performance, and processing ease for applications that require heat transfer or dissipation to protect sensitive electronic components.

While metals have higher thermal conductivity values than plastics, much of their effectiveness is excessive or can be lost due to minimal or insufficient convection in the design. Specifying thermoplastic compounds instead of metal increases design freedom and often consolidates parts, thereby reducing weight and lowering processing costs. Fillers in the compound provide important structural properties and reduce “hot spots” by absorbing and distributing heat more evenly than unfilled resins.

TCC’s have good chemical resistance, offering an excellent alternative to metal parts that have failed due to corrosion. They are available in either electrically conductive or electrically insulative versions in base resins such as PPS, LCP, PC, nylon, PP, PE, olefinic elastomers, and styrenic elastomers and can be developed for injection molding or sheet/tape extrusion.

Typical applications include: heat sinks and heat pipes, electronic interfaces, housings, high intensity light bulb housings, pumps, pipes and tubing, and transformers.

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