RTP Company announces PermaStat PLUS®, an expansion of its successful line of PermaStat® permanently anti-static compounds. By employing advanced compounding techniques these new PermaStat PLUS® materials boost mechanical or electrical properties in various applications that require protection from static build up.

PermaStat PLUS® compounds are now available in “E-Series” (for improved Electrical dissipative performance) and “M-Series” (for improved Mechanical property performance). PermaStat PLUS™ compounds will initially be available in Acrylic, ABS, Clear ABS, Acetal, and Polyethylene resin systems.

RTP Company’s all-polymeric PermaStat® and PermaStat PLUS® compounds provide important anti-static properties for applications requiring dust-free and static-free environments such as clean-rooms for the manufacture of medical products or electronic devices. All PermaStat® and PermaStat PLUS® products are non-sloughing, carbon particle free, Surface Resistance is 107 – 108 ohms, and have excellent static decay properties.

The complete family of PermaStat® and PermaStat PLUS® compounds offers significant benefits over fragile, post-applied surfactant coatings. PermaStat® and PermaStat PLUS® static dissipative properties are inherent in the molded material, eliminating costly, time-consuming secondary coating steps and solving problems in applications where other anti-static agents can be removed by material movement, cleaning agents or evaporation.

PermaStat® and PermaStat PLUS® compounds are suitable for Injection Molding, Extrusion, Blown Film, Thermoforming, and Blow Molding. Typical applications include electronics packaging for clean room devices, Tubing, Zip Bags, Wafer Transport and Storage Devices, Clean Room Bottles for Flux and DI water dispensing, IC transport devices, Disk Drive Components and Packaging, Explosive and Flammable Products storage and transport devices.

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