RTP Company has received certification as a Sony Green Partner supplier at its Singapore production facility. This status recognizes sourcing of environmentally conforming feedstocks and utilizing environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.”Certification as a Green Partner highlights our commitment to producing only the highest quality materials,” said Johnson Goh, Compliance Manager at RTP Company’s Singapore facility. “As a Green Partner, we become a preferred supplier to Sony, allowing our materials to be used in components for their products. It also allows us to supply other companies who are seeking Green Partner sources for their products.”

To be awarded Green Partner certification, suppliers must meet the strict requirements of Sony Standard SS-00259 concerning segregation and use of regulated substances and document that all manufactured products are compliant. This process, referred to as “upstream management,” is accomplished through complete traceability of all steps in the manufacturing process, from raw material procurement to finished goods delivery.

Since opening in 2002, RTP Company’s Singapore facility has focused on avoiding hazardous substances in product development and manufacturing.