A palette of 10 standard colors matched to Munsell and RAL standards for color-coding fluoropolymer wire & cable jacketing

RTP Company has commercialized a line of melt processable fluoropolymer (MPFP) color masterbatches for the wire and cable industry. These masterbatches provide an easy-to-use solution ideal for coloring complex MPFP resins used as plenum space jacketing materials.

“Our reputation for producing custom engineered compounds — coupled with our extensive polymer knowledge — make expanding our MPFP product line to include color masterbatches a tremendous fit for us,” said Jean Sirois, General Manager—RTP Color. “Additionally, it provides much needed supplier diversity that processors in the wire & cable industry are seeking.”

“Historically, fluoropolymers have been very difficult to modify,” said Sirois. “Because of their corrosive nature, we have acquired dedicated manufacturing equipment to be used solely for the processing of MPFP products. This equipment ensures we have the ability to offer products that perform at the highest level.”

In addition to the palette of standard colors, custom color matches and engineered compounds using any MPFP resins are possible to meet specific application requirements.

Available in 10 common wire and cable industry color-coding formulations, the MPFP color masterbatches are initially available in polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin systems and are expandable to include other MPFP resins. Standard colors, using RoHS compliant pigments, are readily available for worldwide distribution.