Color masterbatches for melt-processable fluoropolymers from RTP Company are available in 10 standards colors commonly used by the wire and cable industry for plenum space jacketing.

Consistent 3% let down ratios (LDR) across all colors results in improved handling and easy processing. Best of all they come with the full support and quick service that makes RTP Company the global choice for engineered thermoplastics.

Custom color matches and specialty compounds in these and other fluoropolymer resins are available to meet the specific end-use requirements of your application.

Color PVDF
[swatch] Black S-802239 MB
[swatch] Brown S-96846 MB
[swatch] Red S-54787 MB
[swatch] Orange S-480618 MB
[swatch] Yellow S-43086 MB
[swatch] Green S-65482 MB
[swatch] Blue S-701533 MB
[swatch] Violet S-780376 MB
[swatch] Gray S-885926 MB
[swatch] White S-27221 MB
Colors matched to EIA-359-A-1 standard.

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