Weighing in on Advanced Technology

Imagine a thermoplastic compound that duplicates the weight of metal while providing important design and performance benefits. At RTP Company, we not only imagined it, we made it a reality. High Gravity Compounds (HGCs) from RTP Company can be formulated with a specific gravity from 2 to 11 using a wide variety of resins and additives.

Recent advancements in HGC technology enables the formulation of compounds with lower viscosity, resulting in improved flow during processing, improved thermal stability, and enhanced surface finish of molded pieces. Designs can be more intricate and filling thinner walls is possible.

HGCs match the density of metals and are ideal for weight manipulation in sporting good products where density controlled compounds greatly improve the performance of golf clubs, racquets, and bats. HGCs are also popular for lead replacement applications, including:

  • Safety belt counter weights
  • Projectiles
  • Radiation shielding products (Radiopaque)
  • Pool cleaning equipment