These articles from our Applications Notebook contain 200+ case studies of how RTP Company specialty compounds have been used to solve real world application problems. Discover the performance, design, and molding considerations that led to specifying a material from our wide selection of value-added thermoplastic compounds.

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High-Temp Compound Rolls For Kodak

Eastman Kodak Company of Rochester, NY combines insert molding technology with an RTP Company high temperature specialty compound. 

Duct Assembly, Coil Spring & Cable Guard

Recent advances in tooling and equipment have made it possible to extrude high performance engineering thermoplastic compounds and alloys with precision approaching that of injection molding. 

Lead-Free Soldering

The primary challenge in this transition is adapting to the higher temperatures that are required in the lead-free soldering process.

Food Container

Satisfying each customer’s specific needs by developing “tailor-made” compounds from a variety of base resins and fillers is a specialty at RTP Company.

Copier Bushings

In early 1997, a Xerox team was formed to identify a bushing material that extends design life...

Automotive A/C Compressor

When Visteon Automotive Systems began manufacturing scroll compressors for automotive air conditioning systems...