Case Studies: Alloys Applications


Imagine a sports mouthguard that not only protects teeth and reduces the risk of concussion, it inhibits microbes and makes a fashion statement while at the same time actually improving the wearer’s athletic performance! Continue reading

Track & Field Discus

Olympic medalists know one thing for certain—it’s hard to win without the right equipment. Continue reading

Shore Power Connector

The “Smart Plug” is a superior solution that minimizes the tendencies toward loose electrical connections, corrosion, overheating, and other problems inherent to the incumbent product. Continue reading

Wiring Harness

To direct and protect cables, Marconi manufactures a megaphone-shaped communications cone. Mounted in outdoor cabinets, the cone functions much like a traditional wiring harness, funneling cables and protecting them through climate changes as varied as the Earth’s terrain. Continue reading

Hublock Assembly

The assembly contains several plastic components, including the hublock housing and end cap, which are made of an RTP Company specialty compound. Continue reading

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