Case Studies: Electrical Applications

Plugged Into A Solution

Multi Property Compound Solves Impact Challenge Allowing Product Expansion Matt Smith, Vice President of Manufacturing for SmartPlug Systems, describes his family as “lifelong sailors,” and recalls being practically “raised onboard a boat.” So it wasn’t surprising that, as an adult, … Continue reading

Shore Power Connector

The “Smart Plug” is a superior solution that minimizes the tendencies toward loose electrical connections, corrosion, overheating, and other problems inherent to the incumbent product. Continue reading

Semi Truck Wiring Harness

Semi-trailer trucks are subject to a “chemical cocktail” of ongoing abuse. Grimy exhaust and road particulate combined with spraying water, caustic de-icing solutions, and other chemical agents wreak havoc on whatever they contact. Continue reading

Cable and Circuit Connectors

The fundamental reason for using RTP Company’s conductive plastics in our analog connectors is to minimize noise interference in the electronic signal, which is primarily caused by static charge. Continue reading

Platable Circuits

Technological advance is gained only by overcoming a technological challenge. In the electronics industry, these challenges often involve the issues of electromagnetic compatibility, reliable electrical conductivity, and static dissipation. Continue reading

Wiring Harness

To direct and protect cables, Marconi manufactures a megaphone-shaped communications cone. Mounted in outdoor cabinets, the cone functions much like a traditional wiring harness, funneling cables and protecting them through climate changes as varied as the Earth’s terrain. Continue reading

Coil Bobbin

RTP Company, in conjunction with Epcos AG, a German manufacturer of electronic components, has developed a commercial line of glass reinforced, non-halogenated flame retardant polyester compounds. Continue reading

Electrical Terminal Block

Stanwick Electrical Products and molder Pre Plastics turned to RTP Company for an RTP 200 Series nylon compound that meets the extreme demands of electrical terminal block carriers used in the utility/power generation industry. Continue reading

Electrical Connectors

Electrical connectors in stage and studio lighting systems take a beating every time they are on the job. Handling currents ranging from 20 to 400 amps, they must be exceptionally resistant to heat. Continue reading

AV Wall Outlets

Entratech Systems has been a long time manufacturer of diesel engine sensors. Recently, when Entratech’s Mike Richardson was building a new house, he thought he’d get some separation between his home and work lives. Boy, was he wrong. Continue reading

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