Case Studies: High Gravity Applications

Disc Golf Flyers

Disc golf’s popularity has rapidly grown over the last few decades to become a worldwide phenomenon, offering players an inexpensive and more accessible option to shooting an elusive hole-in-one. Continue reading

Tennis Racquet Inserts

For over 25 years the world’s top tennis players have called upon world-recognized tennis “guru” Warren Bosworth to customize their tennis racquets for optimum performance. Continue reading

Cap Insert

Cosmetics comprise just one element of that elusive quality known as style. In the marketplace, stylish packaging often influences initial cosmetics sales as much as the package’s content. Continue reading

Pool Vacuum Hose Weights

Vacuuming the deep end of an in-ground pool can be difficult, especially when the naturally-buoyant hoses lift the vacuum head off the bottom. Hoffinger Industries in West Helena, Arkansas, solves that problem by attaching heavy, flexible donuts at the junction of each hose section. Continue reading

Perfume Cap

When it comes to perfume, the packaging is often more complex than the fragrance. No one understands this more than the French, who produce some of the world’s finest designer scents. Continue reading

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