These articles from our Applications Notebook contain 200+ case studies of how RTP Company specialty compounds have been used to solve real world application problems. Discover the performance, design, and molding considerations that led to specifying a material from our wide selection of value-added thermoplastic compounds.

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Pilot Program Uses RTP Company “Green” Packaging

Reusable plastic bulk containers like those manufactured by ORBIS Corporation can save companies with a large shipping infrastructure in many industries millions of dollars annually, as well as help keep tons of cardboard out of the waste stream.

Fastening Tool

Lighter, Faster and Cheaper. Vertex Fasteners Inc. received these comments while conducting research on fastening tools for the bedding and furniture industry.

Windshield Repair Fixture

Repairing chips and minor cracks in automotive windshields has become a colorful job for field repair technicians at Speedy Auto & Window Glass.

Drill Housing

Maxicraft S.A. in Vemantes, France, manufactures a complete line of sturdy hand-held tools used by do-it-yourself consumers throughout Europe. 

Trimmer Assembly

Advanced Plastics Molding of Sparks, NV turned to RTP Company as they developed specifications for an innovative replacement head for grass trimmers.

Bar Clamp

Seeing a familiar item, such as a woodworker’s clamp evolve from a rudimentary workshop tool to an easy-to-use high strength instrument for a wide variety of jobs is no surprise to engineers in the plastics industry. 

Antistatic Storage Containers

Shippers rely on L&A Plastic Molding’s line of Stat-Cons™ containers to provide electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection when transferring sensitive components from electronics parts to automotive airbag detonators and high explosives.

ESD Storage Box

Classic Line, a division of Northwest Molded Products in Racine, Wis., expanded its line to include ESD protective storage/transport containers ranging in size from 1 5/8 by 2 1/8 inches to 5 by 7 inches.