Case Studies: Packaging for Electronics

Antistatic Storage Containers

Shippers rely on antistatic containers to provide electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection when transfering sensitive components from electronics parts to automotive airbag detonators and high explosives. Continue reading

ESD-Protected Tray

Safely transporting highly sensitive devices to prevent damage from ESD requires specialized carriers that not only address ESD, but also satisfy additional performance requirements specific to the end-use application. Continue reading

Wafer Carrier

Modern automated wafer handling processes have increased the need for tighter tolerances on wafer carriers. Entegris, Inc., is the first company to make significant changes to the original linear wafer carriers developed in the early 1970’s Continue reading

Guide Rails

In the growing European electronics market, manufacturer C.E.P.I. Rack s.r.l. in Italy has pioneered a new guide rail for module racks which hold and transport electronic circuit boards. Continue reading

Clean & Ship Tray

Thermoplastic compounds used in the data storage and semiconductor industries must pass stringent requirements for cleanliness. Continue reading

Tape Cases

Protecting sensitive magnetic media from static electricity prompted Perm-A-Store, Inc. of Wichita, KS to develop the Conductive Turtle® cases. Continue reading

Cases for Electronics

When one of their top distributors, Faes BV of Bladel, needed a static dissipating material for suitcase-type carriers, SPI BV of Eersel, Netherlands knew what to do. Continue reading

ESD Shelf Support

Pictured is a storage system for reticle boxes. Reticles are the master pattern of the circuitry that is exposed by a photolithographic process onto semiconductor chips. Precision Robots, Inc. Continue reading

Conductive Transport Box

A carbon fiber reinforced ABS material compounded by RTP Company provides conductive properties needed for a new substrate carrier box. Continue reading

ESD Storage Box

Classic Line, a division of Northwest Molded Products in Racine, Wis., expanded its line to include ESD protective storage/transport containers ranging in size from 1 5/8 by 2 1/8 inches to 5 by 7 inches. Continue reading

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