Case Studies: High Purity Applications

ESD-Protected Tray

Safely transporting highly sensitive devices to prevent damage from ESD requires specialized carriers that not only address ESD, but also satisfy additional performance requirements specific to the end-use application. Continue reading

Wafer Carrier

Modern automated wafer handling processes have increased the need for tighter tolerances on wafer carriers. Entegris, Inc., is the first company to make significant changes to the original linear wafer carriers developed in the early 1970’s Continue reading

Clean & Ship Tray

Thermoplastic compounds used in the data storage and semiconductor industries must pass stringent requirements for cleanliness. Continue reading

Clean Room Conveyers

As an international engineering company, Shuttleworth, Inc., produces the finest quality in-process conveyor automation and material handling machinery. Continue reading

Hand Held Scanner Housing

Elimination of “hot spots” or uneven surface charge distribution was a major issue that Hand Held Products faced when creating a new image scanner for clean room environments. Continue reading

Wafer Transport Trays

A new family of Static Dissipative Compounds improves reliability and saves time in manufacturing chip trays, packaging products, and consumer goods. Continue reading

Cleanroom Scanner Housing

ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) is the sudden transfer or discharge of electricity from one object to another. In cleanrooms or on factory floors, ESD poses a threat to product quality and may cause damage during any phase of manufacturing. Continue reading

Removable Storage Disk

Breakthrough nanotube technology evolved during development of a breakthrough computer product. Iomega has changed the rules of data backup with its REV™ drive and removable REV™ disk. Continue reading

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