Case Studies: TEO or TPV Applications

Axe Handle

Over the years there has been little innovation in the basic design of traditional wooden tool handles, furthering familiar problems such as broken handles and loose axe heads. Continue reading

Disc Golf Flyers

Disc golf’s popularity has rapidly grown over the last few decades to become a worldwide phenomenon, offering players an inexpensive and more accessible option to shooting an elusive hole-in-one. Continue reading

Bicycle Wheel Hub

SRAM Corporation, a global manufacturer of OEM bicycle components, recently introduced an innovative new design for its Dual Drive system found on the rear wheel of mid- to high-end leisure bicycles. Continue reading


According to Corky Stanley, Rofshus Precision Machine of Albert Lea, MN has been in existence since about the time “Plastics, my boy, plastics” was first advised as the career of choice in the movie The Graduate. Continue reading

Electronic Probe

When Pomona Electronics designed its digital Multimeter Probe that helps electrical and electronic technicians diagnose and troubleshoot circuitry and other test points, it called on engineers at RTP Company. Continue reading

Cleanroom Scanner Housing

ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) is the sudden transfer or discharge of electricity from one object to another. In cleanrooms or on factory floors, ESD poses a threat to product quality and may cause damage during any phase of manufacturing. Continue reading

Microcell Radios

Ricochet, a division of Metricom, Inc. of Los Gatos, CA, has developed a wireless modem and Internet service for on-the-go professionals using lap-top computers. Continue reading

Overmolded TPE Ice Scraper

ProCo Technologies developed an ice scraper using multi-shot molding techniques and thermoplastic materials from RTP Company. Continue reading

Human Transporter

They turn heads as quickly as they turn their operators. They quietly and efficiently cover ground with the balance and grace of a ballerina. Continue reading

Wireless Workstation

When Itronix Corporation needed a vast array of thermoplastic compounds for its new T5200 handheld wireless mobile workstation, it turned to RTP Company. Continue reading

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