Case Studies: Aerospace Applications

Security and Accessibility

Modular weapon mounting system provides fast accessibility & increased security for consumers, law enforcement, and military For many rifle owners, gun security has long been limited to options offering relatively low levels of protection or accessibility, such as locking cables … Continue reading

Portable Telemetry Device

Apogee’s telemetry products are used for testing bit error rates and data links on satellite displays and rocket launches. Continue reading

Airline Entertainment Appliance

IMS introduced the Personal Entertainment Appliance (PEA) to provide airline passengers with wireless, lightweight and easy access to a range of entertainment options. Continue reading

Airplane Air Filter

Have you experienced flu-like or cold symptoms during or immediately after flying and blamed the poor air quality on your flight? If so, you are not alone. Continue reading

Tiltrotor Aircraft Components

The Osprey “tiltrotor” aircraft typifies the innovation and creativity common to the aerospace industry. Continue reading

Aircraft Assemblies

PEEK™ compounds are an excellent choice for high temperature aerospace, electronic and automotive applications. Continue reading

Aircraft Hinge Bracket

An RTP Company glass fiber-reinforced PEEK™ compound is specified for the hinge bracket assemblies of overhead storage compartments in Boeing 767 airplanes. Continue reading

Helicopter Fan Blade

An injection molded fan blade has been developed for use on McDonnell Douglas helicopters equipped with NOTAR fan systems. Continue reading

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