Case Studies: Platable Applications

Insulin Management System

This innovative product breaks down the barriers to CSII therapy by continuously delivering insulin without the tubing that “tethers” a traditional insulin pump device to a user. Continue reading

Platable Connector

Well-versed in the chemistry and uses of plastics and metals, Tyco engineers are often called on for their expertise in using these materials to control conductivity and electronic noise in many of the electronic devices they design. Continue reading

Platable Circuits

Technological advance is gained only by overcoming a technological challenge. In the electronics industry, these challenges often involve the issues of electromagnetic compatibility, reliable electrical conductivity, and static dissipation. Continue reading

Perfume Cap

When it comes to perfume, the packaging is often more complex than the fragrance. No one understands this more than the French, who produce some of the world’s finest designer scents. Continue reading