Case Studies: PC/ABS Applications

Getting Personal

PermaStat® Technology Utilized in Monitor to Prevent Black Lung Continue reading

Microscope Housing

Engineers at Leica were searching for an external housing material that would meet their protective anti-static while being fully colorable and pass long-term UV stability testing. Continue reading

MIS Surgical Tool

Novare Surgical has integrated its RealHand HD technology into a series of endo-laparoscopic instruments. Continue reading

Insulin Management System

This innovative product breaks down the barriers to CSII therapy by continuously delivering insulin without the tubing that “tethers” a traditional insulin pump device to a user. Continue reading

Dental Chair Base

Visual appeal is essential to DentalEZ and their customers. Every component is meticulously fashioned in precise custom color palettes that are often designed in original hues. Continue reading

Mechanical Pump for IV Drug Delivery

Tandem Medical’s AutoDose® Infusion System is the first and only automated, portable system that delivers pre-measured intravenous drug protocols without electricity or batteries. Continue reading

Hearing Tester

Complete hearing tests in 6 frequencies can now be conducted in 3 seconds using a remarkable new screening instrument called Ero-Scan™. Continue reading

Digital Pressure Gauge

Even seemingly simple devices, like pressure gauges used to measure fluids or gases, have to meet static dissipation standards established by the European ATEX Directive. Continue reading

Ejector Latch for Circuit Board

RTP Company joined forces with molder, Cal-Tron Corp. of Bishop, CA, to meet the material requirements for a face panel and an ejector (latch) used on a circuit board. Continue reading

Electronic Book Enclosure

An electronic book by IBM of Rochester, Minnesota which utilizes an RTP Company material, took top honors in Plastics Industry News magazine’s Computer & Business Equipment Category. Continue reading

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