These articles from our Applications Notebook contain 200+ case studies of how RTP Company specialty compounds have been used to solve real world application problems. Discover the performance, design, and molding considerations that led to specifying a material from our wide selection of value-added thermoplastic compounds.

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Potentiometer Devices

Imagine! Complex engineering plastic parts no bigger than the letter on your phone dial. What a challenge to the designers, the material supplier, and the processor.

Laser Printer Engine

Color laser printers are quickly becoming the norm in office imaging, replacing black and white printers with their progressively smaller designs and reduced operating costs. 

Copier Bushings

In early 1997, a Xerox team was formed to identify a bushing material that extends design life...

Thermal Printer

RTP Company joined forces with Axiohm Transaction Solutions to develop a wear-resistant...

Automotive A/C Compressor

When Visteon Automotive Systems began manufacturing scroll compressors for automotive air conditioning systems...

EGR Sensor

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) sensors are vital to maintaining proper emissions on vehicles.

Appliance Timer

Eaton Corporation, Controls Division, is a leader in the development and manufacture of control mechanisms for the appliance and automotive industries. 

Conveyor Rollers

Shuttleworth Inc. supplies material handling conveyors to customers throughout the world and to industries as varied as their locations.

Data Carriers

How would you like to be able to purchase a plastic card for, let’s say $10, that you could use in vending machines in place of coins, for the purchase of soda, candy, cigarettes, stamps, etc.

Airplane Air Filter

Have you experienced flu-like or cold symptoms during or immediately after flying and blamed the poor air quality on your flight?