Case Studies: PBT Applications

Anchor Man

With an innovative device that stops boats instantly, fish don’t stand a chance; and with an innovative polymer protecting the device’s sensitive electronics, water damage doesn’t, either. A few years back, fisherman John Oliverio was out on the Florida saltwater … Continue reading

Plugged Into A Solution

Multi Property Compound Solves Impact Challenge Allowing Product Expansion Matt Smith, Vice President of Manufacturing for SmartPlug Systems, describes his family as “lifelong sailors,” and recalls being practically “raised onboard a boat.” So it wasn’t surprising that, as an adult, … Continue reading

Spray Gun

Nordson’s Sure Coat™ spray gun is designed for performance, durability, and operator comfort. Continue reading

Fluid Handling Pumps

The chemical resistance of an RTP Company’s glass fiber/polypropylene compound provides security against corrosion for parts used in fluid handling pumps. Continue reading

ATEX Compliant Capacitive Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi has developed a new family of ATEX approved products by redesigning its Tripleshield® capacitive sensors. Continue reading

Ejector Latch for Circuit Board

RTP Company joined forces with molder, Cal-Tron Corp. of Bishop, CA, to meet the material requirements for a face panel and an ejector (latch) used on a circuit board. Continue reading

Potentiometer Devices

Imagine! Complex engineering plastic parts no bigger than the letter on your phone dial. What a challenge to the designers, the material supplier, and the processor. Continue reading

Semi Truck Wiring Harness

Semi-trailer trucks are subject to a “chemical cocktail” of ongoing abuse. Grimy exhaust and road particulate combined with spraying water, caustic de-icing solutions, and other chemical agents wreak havoc on whatever they contact. Continue reading

Paper Holder for Copier

When Olivetti Canon Industriale needed a high performance thermoplastic compound for the paper holder in its best-selling copier model, it called on RTP Company’s Italian representative, Daire Chemicals SpA. Continue reading

EGR Sensor

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) sensors are vital to maintaining proper emissions on vehicles. Continue reading

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