Case Studies: Agribusiness Applications

Twin Row Seed Opener

The Original Equipment Manufacturer of a Twin Row Seed Opener approached RTP Company with a complex part design that required extreme abrasion resistance. The part, which is designed to guide seeds to the outermost area of the wing for perfect … Continue reading

Food Conveyor Rollers

Outbreaks of food-borne illnesses have resulted in recalls, costing manufacturers and distributors lost revenue. Reducing the potential for contamination during food processing often requires multifaceted approaches to ensure cleanliness. Continue reading

Food Container

Satisfying each customer’s specific needs by developing “tailor-made” compounds from a variety of base resins and fillers is a specialty at RTP Company. Continue reading

Water Tank Liner

To maintain the integrity of the concrete tank for a longer period of time, a PVC liner system was installed that is FDA compliant for long-term contact with potable water. Continue reading

Combine Chaff Filter

CNH, renowned manufacturer of agricultural equipment, attempted to favor the farmer by cutting maintenance downtime for their Case IH Axial Flow combines and Cotton Express cotton pickers. To do so required a project—and a part—nearly as large as Nature itself. Continue reading

Conveyor Rollers

Shuttleworth Inc. supplies material handling conveyors to customers throughout the world and to industries as varied as their locations. Continue reading

Master Cylinder

Hydraulic brake systems for trailers are only one of the many items that Demco-Dethmers Manufacturing Company has been manufacturing for years. “Originally, the master cylinders were done in cast iron, which can rust. Continue reading

Food Service Bases for Hospitals

Aladdin Temprite’s Insul-Plus™ base is the first of its kind constructed from high-impact thermoplastic for superb performance and durability. Continue reading

Food Grinder

RTP France developed a specialty compound for use in S.A. SEB RONDO 500 counter top food grinders. The devices feature two sizes of ultrasonically welded blade assemblies. Continue reading

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