Case Studies: PPA Applications

Marine & Industrial Cleats

Ronstan of Victoria, Australia and RTP Company teamed-up to meet the demanding material requirements for various cam cleat systems used in marine and industrial settings. Continue reading

Soil Sampler

When En Novative Technologies, Inc., developer of the En Core® Sampler, set out to create a device to collect soil samples with minimal handling and maximum accuracy, it tested 20 to 30 different resins. Continue reading

Golf Club Head

When GRC (General Ribbon Corporation) wanted to start making golf club heads, they knew they would need a specialty compound. Continue reading

Gas Cylinder Hooks

New, high-pressure aluminum compressed gas cylinders are finished in a rigorous washing, coating and curing system. The cylinders suspend from a conveyor by plug hooks that provide a grounding path for the powder coating. Continue reading

Copier Bushings

In early 1997, a Xerox team was formed to identify a bushing material that extends design life, prevents customer dissatisfaction, and eliminates excessive service costs for a Xerox copier line. Continue reading

Brake Rotor Measuring Probe

When Advantage Plastic Products wanted to help OEM Pro-Cut International cut costs on the probe arms of its Discus Rotor Measuring System, it called on engineers at RTP Company. Continue reading

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