Color inspires…energizes…builds recognition. It excites the eye, conveys a feeling, and impacts every corner of our world. Choosing the right color can mean the difference between your product’s success and failure. With something this important, it’s wise to rely on an expert in color technology.

Designing products that provide high consumer appeal is no easy task, often simply freshening a successful application with new color is all it takes to remain in or regain the lead. A new updated color can make a product appear revitalized without the time or expense of a full redesign and the associated costs of cutting steel for new molds.

Color Marketing Group

RTP Company is a member of the Color Marketing Group, which forecasts color directions for most industries. By monitoring color trends and evaluating market specific color pallets, together with our own knowledge of what is being bought and sold around the world, allows RTP Company’s dedicated Color Account Managers to assist you in color selection to ensure your products popularity with consumers.

Color factors

Our commitment to you…

A Powerful Polymer Portfolio

Our experience resulting from working with the broadest portfolio of resins and additive technologies available in the industry provides you with color and materials matched to your specific end-use requirements.

Competitive, Responsive

Win the shrinking time to market race with color match samples and production quantity orders delivered in days. Just 3-5 days for samples and 5-10 days for full orders of color masterbatches and precolored compounds.

Unbiased Product Offerings

You choose, masterbatch or precolored resin. We can help with cost analysis to determine which mode of color delivery offers you the best balance of efficiencies and economics.

A True Global Supply

Managed as a single business around the world to meet the needs of global OEMs. Approved matches seamlessly transfer between North America, Europe, and Asia as computerized formulas guaranteeing you quality color everywhere you do business.

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