In addition to the variety of TPE technologies available from RTP, there are a number of conductive additive technologies to choose from when your application requires conductive properties. Only RTP Company combines its broad TPE technology portfolio with proven conductive technologies to offer an unmatched line of permanently anti-static/ static dissipative, conductive/ESD protection, and EMI shielding TPE products.

Through our conductive technologies, RTP Company can tailor a product to hit a precise range of surface and volume resistivity performance. This graph shows the different levels of resistivity performance ranging from unmodified or insulative plastic down to the performance of metal:

Conductive Performance

The properties used to measure the conductive performance are:

  • Surface resistivity (ohm/sq) — ASTM D257
  • Volume resistivity (ohm-cm) — ASTM D257
  • Surface resistance (ohm) — ESD STM11.11
  • Static Decay (seconds) — FTMS101C 4046.1
  • EMI shielding (decibels of attenuation) — ASTM D4935
Conductive Rainbow

Conductive TPE Technologies

The technologies used to produce Conductive TPE products is as diverse as the testing used to measure final compounds:

  • Carbon Black and Carbon Fiber
    ESD series: Provides strong and effective resolution to static issues
  • Carbon Nanotubes
    Delivers conductive properties at very low loadings
  • Inherently Dissipating Polymer (IDP) technology
    Fully colorable with permanent static dissipative properties
  • Electromagnetic Interference Sheilding
    EMI Series: Stainless Steel Fibers, NCG Fibers, and Silver coated particulates

Through RTP Company’s diverse TPE and conductive additive technology, we can offer a wide variety of compounds ranging from permanently static dissipative overmolding grades (PermaStat PLUS® 6000 series) to conductive TPV alloys (ESD C 2800 B series) to specialty EMI shielding products in several resin families.

Data Sheets

Product Description
ESD C 2800 B-55A Electrically Conductive – 55 Shore A
ESD C 2800 B-65A Electrically Conductive – 65 Shore A
ESD C 2800 B-75A Electrically Conductive – 75 Shore A
ESD C 2800 B-85A Electrically Conductive – 85 Shore A

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