RTP Company has a long and extensive history of working with flame retardant technologies. By combining our established flame retardant knowledge with our diverse TPE capabilities, we’re able to custom engineer compounds with more variety and capability, meeting your exact specifications.

Our RTP 2800 XXA products are RoHS compliant and offer V-O performance and a complete range of durometer levels. Additionally, our engineers have the expertise to formulate elastomeric materials with halogen-free, flame retardant technology. For more information on our flame retardant technology, including material testing and regulations, visit our Flame Retardant page.


Application example: Strain relief on cables/cords to prevent fraying

Available Products:

Product Description
RTP 2800 B-45A FR A Flame Retardant (RoHS Compliant) – 45 Shore A
RTP 2800 B-55A FR A Flame Retardant (RoHS Compliant) – 55 Shore A
RTP 2800 B-65A FR A Flame Retardant (RoHS Compliant) – 65 Shore A
RTP 2800 B-75A FR A Flame Retardant (RoHS Compliant) – 75 Shore A
RTP 2800 B-85A FR A Flame Retardant (RoHS Compliant) – 85 Shore A

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