Benefits for Extrusion Applications:

  • High electrical conductivity provides reliable ESD protection
  • Engineered for consistent conductivity even in thin extrusions
  • Available in a wide variety of elastomeric and rigid base polymers including PE, PP, PS, TPU, ABS and TPE
  • Designed for a wide range of applications including: vacuum hose, conductive pipe, ESD packaging sheet, geomembrane films, wire & cable jacketing, ESD tubing
  • Consistent conductivity and ESD protection delivered via compounds produced on specialized manufacturing equipment designed for the highest level of uniform carbon dispersion
  • High carbon black dispersion process maximizes physical properties even in thin extrusions
  • Global manufacturing and technical processing support
  • Flame retardant versions available upon request
  • All products formulated for RoHS compliance

Imagine an extrudable plastic compound that was specially formulated to provide consistent electrical conductivity and ESD protection, even in thin extrusions. Furthermore, imagine that these compounds were manufactured on dedicated equipment which was designed to maximize both carbon dispersion and physical properties. At RTP Company, we not only imagined such plastics, we’ve made them a reality with our Conductive Extrusion Compounds product line.

Designing conductive compounds for extrusion applications, such as conductive vacuum hose or ESD packaging sheets, requires special attention to detail. Thin extrusion applications have strict physical property requirements which will be compromised if the conductive carbon is not consistently and uniformly dispersed. In addition, thin cross sections mean that the carbon loading must be accurately tuned to maintain conductivity over the entire extrusion run. Finally, the surface quality must not contain visual defects since we know that your product appearance is part of your product branding.

RTP Company recognizes the challenges you face in trying to extrude conductive plastic products. This is why we have installed specialized manufacturing equipment in the US and Europe to ensure the highest level of consistent carbon dispersion in our newest extrusion compounds. The resulting conductive compounds will make you shine in applications including conductive vacuum hose, ESD packaging sheet, geomembrane film, conductive pipe, wire & cable jacketing and ESD tubing.

For more information, see the graphs below or view our Innovation Bulletin on Conductive Compounds for Extrusion Applications

Conductive Compounds for Extrusion Applications

For more information, view our innovation bulletin

Base Polymer RTP Product Extrusion Thickness Surface Resistance (Ohm) Common Applications
RTP 0100 PP90025685 1mm – 10mm 102 – 106 Sheet extrusion masterbatch (FR also available)
RTP 0400 SH90025512 1mm – 10mm 103 – 106 Sheet extrusion masterbatch
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) RTP 0600 SB90025531 1mm – 10mm 104 – 106 Sheet extrusion
(TPU- Esther Based)
RTP 1200S GP90025530 >1mm 10-105 Profile extrusion for hoses
Polyolefin elastomer
RTP 2800 GE90025003 >1mm 101 – 102

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Learn more about technologies for adding conductive properties to plastics and the process of having a specialty compound formulated for your application’s requirements.