Polabond® Performance TPE for Overmolding

Polabond® TPE compounds were designed for far more than just bonding to polar substrates; they were engineered with specific performance requirements in mind.


Polabond® 6041

Polabond® 6041 series materials bring the performance of TPV’s to polar substrate overmolding. In addition to providing excellent overmold adhesion to Polycarbonate, ABS, PC/ABS, RTPU, and PMMA, these materials also exhibit a highly desirable rubber-like tactile feel. This combination of features explains why Polabond® 6041 products are commonly used in hand tools, hand-held electronics, sporting goods, and a wide range of other soft-touch consumer items. Due to their TPV-based chemistry, they excel in applications where chemical and oil resistance, weatherability, and property retention at high temperatures are critical. Polabond® 6041 materials are available in an easily colorable off-white natural, as well as in black.

Polabond® 6042

Based on a unique alloy technology, Polabond® 6042 series materials are available in durometers from 40A to 70A and provide exceptional durability and mechanical properties mated with extremely robust bonding to polar substrates. Available in both black and an easy-to-color natural, these materials are well suited for use in hand tools, hand held medical devices, LED lighting applications, and consumer electronics utilizing overmold waterproofing and/or integrated push buttons. Polabond® 6042 MD materials have been pre-tested to ISO 10993 and provide an excellent option for various healthcare applications requiring a soft touch feel or “rubber armor”.

Data Sheets:

  Product  Description
 Polabond® 6003-45A  PC/PMMA, PC/PBT bondable
 Polabond® 6003-55A  PC/PMMA, PC/PBT bondable
 Polabond® 6003-75A  PC/PMMA, PC/PBT bondable
 Polabond® 6003-45A MD NATURAL  PC/PMMA, PC/PBT bondable, ISO 10993 tested
 Polabond® 6003-55A MD NATURAL PC/PMMA, PC/PBT bondable, ISO 10993 tested
 Polabond® 6003-75A MD NATURAL PC/PMMA, PC/PBT bondable, ISO 10993 tested
 Polabond® 6042-40A HF  PC, ABS bondable – High Flow
 Polabond® 6042-50A HF  PC, ABS bondable – High Flow
 Polabond® 6042-60A HF  PC, ABS bondable – High Flow
 Polabond® 6042-70A HF  PC, ABS bondable – High Flow
 Polabond® 6042-40A  PC, ABS bondable
 Polabond® 6042-50A  PC, ABS bondable
 Polabond® 6042-60A  PC, ABS bondable
 Polabond® 6042-70A  PC, ABS bondable
 Polabond® 6042-40A MD NATURAL  PC, ABS bondable, ISO 10993 tested
 Polabond® 6042-50A MD NATURAL  PC, ABS bondable, ISO 10993 tested
 Polabond® 6042-60A MD NATURAL  PC, ABS bondable, ISO 10993 tested
 Polabond® 6042-70A MD NATURAL  PC, ABS bondable, ISO 10993 tested
 Polabond® 6041-55A  PC, PMMA, ABS & alloy bondable
 Polabond® 6041-70A  PC, PMMA, ABS & alloys bondable

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