RTP Company’s capability in specialty thermoplastic elastomers can support your high-tech and high-volume TPE needs.

Technology Overview

RTP Company is well-established in specialty thermoplastic custom compounding, with experience that goes back more than 30 years. The core additive technologies being driven by our StructuralConductiveFlame RetardantColor, and Wear Resistant business units also lend themselves to very unique capabilities in Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) resin systems. Our engineering teams work collaboratively across product groups to apply this expertise into multiple TPE base technologies, including PEBA, COPE, TPU, RTPU, TPV, SBC, and POE, making RTP Company the undisputed industry leader in functional additive-based thermoplastic elastomers.

Application Examples

The markets and applications that derive value from specialty TPEs are incredibly broad. Long Fiber reinforced RTPU performs in ultra-tough agriculture equipment and sporting goods, while Static Dissipative TPEs are used in areas where explosive conditions may exist. Radio-Opaque PEBA compounds are widely used in medical catheters, and flame retardant bondable TPEs are used in photovoltaic roof systems. Highly conductive TPV is used for pinch safety activation on automotive sunroofs; flame retardant precolored TPVs and TPUs fill a variety of needs in telecom from strain reliefs to cable glands; and the list goes on. If you have a need for a uniquely functional TPE, there is a good chance that RTP Company can develop it – or already has…

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