Enlightened Solutions are compounds specifically formulated by RTP Company to reduce the weight of parts and components. Our Enlightened Solutions represent a range of practical thermoplastic options that can reduce part weight in different ways. We can help you through the material selection process, providing options and guidance to ensure that you have the precise solution to fit your requirements.

Our Enlightened Solutions include:

RTP Company Enlightened Solutions
Solution Lightweight Capability
Light & Tough (LT) Compounds Up to 10% vs. Glass Fiber Compounds
Very Long Fiber (VLF) PP Compounds Up to 15% vs. Short Glass Nylon Compounds
Carbon Fiber (CF) Compounds Up to 25% vs. Glass Fiber Compounds
Gravity Modified Compounds Up to 30% vs. Unfilled Resins
Metal Replacement Up to 80% vs. Common Metals

Our Enlightened Solutions are designed and manufactured worldwide, but supported locally by our expert sales and engineering staff. We use the full capabilities and resources at RTP Company to help launch your project faster… and lighter!

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Learn more about RTP Company’s Enlightened Solutions and how a specialty compound can provide you with an ideal solution for reducing the weight of parts and components.

RTP Company Enlightened Solutions Brochure