EMI Shielding Plastics for Electronics Applications

Electromagnetic waves radiate from computer circuits, radio transmitters (including cellular phones), electric motors, and many other sources. They become undesirable when they interfere with the operation of electronic devices. Shielding reduces electromagnetic interference, ensuring electromagnetic compliance (EMC) with industry standards.

Thermoplastic EMI compounds protect sensitive electronic components from incoming EMI. They also prevent excessive emissions of EMI to other susceptible equipment. EMI compounds provide inherent shielding effectiveness and are not prone to scratching, or the associated “slot antenna.”

Thermoplastic EMI compounds provide this shielding by absorbing electromagnetic energy and converting it to electrical or thermal energy. These compounds also reflect electromagnetic energy from the source side of the shield and also by re-reflecting it from the second surface of the shield.

Multimeter Shield


  • Internal “faraday cage” modules
  • Elastomeric gaskets
  • Connectors