Controlled geometry pellets (CGP) have a unique patent-pending design with an optimized aspect ratio specifically targeting thick-walled compression molded stock shape producers and their end-use customers. For molders, CGP reduces the amount of compaction required when compared to power blends, resulting in improved packing ratios, higher production yields without the material handling requirements of typical compression molded powder blends.

As a fully compounded solution CGP; multiple additives such as fiber reinforcements, lubricants, other modifiers, and color can be combined into a single precision pellet that is custom engineered to meet end-use customer requirements. Physical property improvements from 20% to 160% are possible with CGP, when compared to compression molded powder blends, allowing end-use customers to design parts from CGP compression molded shapes that were previously reserved for extruded or injection molded stock shapes.

Controlled Geometry Pellets

Additionally, CGP compression molded shapes are more uniform, have better dimensional stability, less molded-in stress allowing for the production of precision machined parts.

Available in PEEK and PPS compounds, the technology can be extended to other thermally stable resins like PES, PEI, PPA and melt-processable fluoropolymers.

CGP compression molded shapes are ideal for:

  • Centrifugal pump components
  • Compressor piston and rider rings
  • Valve seats
  • CMP Rings
  • Down-hole seals and backup rings
  • Compressor valve plates
  • Food preparation equipment components
  • HPHT Oil and Gas components
  • Chip trays
  • Bushings and thrust washers
  • Pump vanes and gears
  • Pulp and paper machinery components

For more information, view our Controlled Geometry Pellets Innovation Bulletin.