Automotive Applications: Problem,Solution and Benefits

Application:  Accelerator Friction Pad

Accelerator Friction PadProblem: Accelerator systems are now fully electronic “drive by wire”. The electronic housings need to be light weight and strong while the pedal needs to ‘feel’ like a mechanical system.  (Heat range – 40°C to 80°C).

Solution: RTP 1300 Series PPS with glass fiber and PTFE


  • The wear compound was successfully developed with the right balance of friction and wear to provide the ‘feel’ required by the OEM.
  • Light weight
  • Excellent dimensional stability

Application: Steering Position Sensor

Steering Position SensorProblem: There is a part of the steering position assembly where a shaft rotates inside the position sensor with tight tolerances which can lead to unwanted noise and wear.

RTP 4000 Series PPA with glass fiber and PTFE


  • Internal lubricants
  • Reduced friction
  • Reduced noise (squeaking)

Application: Transmission Seals & Washers

transmission seals and washersProblem: Government regulation for fuel efficiency is driving the need for higher performance wear compounds in the power-train. The industry is also trying to increase efficiency & reduce weight to increase fuel economy. This application operates in transmission fluid with high PV.

Solution: RTP 2200 Series with Ultra Wear additives


  • Eliminates the need to machine a part from a stock form
  • Significant reduction in manufacturing cost
  • Reduced coefficient of friction

Application: HVAC Gears

HVAC gearsProblem: Due to extreme temperature changes (-400c to 800c) gears were creating excessive noise leading to warranty issues.

SolutionRTP 200 series and 800 series with glass fiber and PTFE.


  • Noise reduction
  • Low friction
  • Improved wear resistance

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