Plastics for Fluid Handling Applications: Pumps and Meters

Thermoplastics growth in the fluid handling industry reflects the suitability of these materials to meet today’s requirements, add value and reduce over costs in these applications.

Tuthill-PumpWe modify plastic resins with a variety of unique modifiers to yield specific properties and functional benefits. You can depend on RTP Company for unbiased assistance during the development process and during production to be a supplier of quality materials who can meet your delivery expectations anywhere around the globe.

Our Materials Provide:

Increased Strength and Improved Designs with Reinforced Polymers

  • Improve mechanical properties for more durable, lightweight and chemical/corrosion resistant parts
  • Use increased design freedom to consolidate parts and simply manufacturing processes
  • Long-glass fiber compounds provide superior strength, impact resistance, dimensional stability, creep and fatigue performance
  • Value Product structural compounds for a wide range of low cost glass and mineral reinforced compounds
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement can be used to maximize strength and stiffness
  • High temperature base resins may be utilized for use in extreme conditions

Typical applications include:
Pump housings, containment shells, impellers, propellers, seals, and valve bodies.

Improved Reliability with Wear Resistant, Internally Lubricated Materials

  • Maximize wear and abrasion resistance of critical components
  • Eliminate or minimize need for external lubricants
  • Increase life of moving or contact surfaces
  • Wide variety of wear additives and fibers for use against a variety of mating surfaces
  • Ultra wear compounds for very high pressure-velocity and elevated temperature conditions

Typical applications include:
Pump vanes, rotors, bearings, bushings, gears and seals. Water meter housings and discs.

Manage Static Charge with Conductive Compounds

  • Conductive materials for use in ATEX applications
  • Provide permanent protection from ESD (electrostatic discharge)
  • Minimize static shock dangers and particle build-up problems
  • Maintain mechanical properties of unmodified base resin

Typical applications include:
Pump and meter Components meeting ATEX requirements for use in an explosive environment.

UL and European Compliance with Flame Retardant Compounds

  • Provide resistance to ignition and burning
  • Select from 300+ UL Recognized or RoHS/WEEE compliant materials
  • Lower smoke generation and toxic fume emissions

Typical applications include:
Housings, control boxes, and components that must meet UL flammability and smoke requirements.

Improved Seals and Ergonomics with Thermoplastic Elastomers

  • Bondable to a wide range of substrates
  • Dampen vibration, reduce noise, and protect impact points

Typical applications include:
Pump housings and components requiring improved durability and ergonomics. Seals and gaskets that can be molded alone or on substrates such as nylon, PP, PC, and PC-ABS.

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