Thermoplastics growth in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning products reflects the suitability of these materials to meet today’s requirements, add value and reduce over costs in these applications.

We modify plastic resins with a variety of unique modifiers to yield specific properties and functional benefits. You can depend on RTP Company for unbiased assistance during the development process and during production to be a supplier of quality materials who can meet your delivery expectations anywhere around the globe.


Our Materials Provide

Increased Strength and Improved Designs with Reinforced Polymers
  • Improve mechanical properties for more durable, lightweight and corrosion resistant parts
  • Use increased design freedom to consolidate parts, simply manufacturing processes

  • Long-glass fiber compounds provide superior strength, impact resistance, dimensional stability, creep and fatigue performance

Typical applications include: Top covers, base pans, fans, and blower housings.

UL and European Compliance with Flame Retardant Resins
  • UL 2043 Plentum Space Compliant Applications

  • Provide resistance to ignition and burning

  • Select from 300+ UL Recognized or RoHS/WEEE compliant materials

  • Lower smoke generation and toxic fume emissions

Typical applications include: Drain pans, control and blower housings, vents, louvers and plenum space access covers.

Removal of Static Charges with Conductive Compounds
  • Provide permanent protection from ESD (electrostatic discharge)

  • Minimize static shock dangers and particle build-up problems

  • Maintain mechanical properties of unmodified base resin

  • Impart EMI shielding characteristics

Typical applications include: Impellers, fans, and housings utilized in air handling systems. Housings for remote monitoring devices.