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Application: Chemical Pump

Problem: Water-powered pump is used to dispense fertilizers, disinfectants, chlorine, acids, soaps, pharmaceuticals & nutritional supplements in a wide range of settings. Internal components are exposed to a number of chemicals, and must resist corrosion & wear against stainless steel components within the pump.

Chemical pumpSolution:
RTP 100 Series polypropylene with PFPE.


  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Eliminates need for separate metal or plastic bearings
  • Improved coefficient of friction in moving components
  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance



Application: Conveyor Rollers

Problem: Food conveyor rollers used in food processing equipment need to withstand constant movement & must be easy to clean to reduce risk of contamination. Material used in the rollers needs to be approved for food contact & have excellent wear resistance.Converyor Rollers

RTP 800 Series acetal with PTFE & silicone

• Improved wear resistance
• Excellent lubricity
• FDA compliant
• Chemical resistance to cleaning solutions




Application: Disposable Pump

Problem: Traditional metal pumps used in the food, dairy, chemical, medical and pharmaceutical industries face contamination issues, which create down-time for maintenance and high cleaning costs. Multiple material requirements include: wear resistance, maintaining low warpage and low creep at operating temperatures of 110°C (230°F), and low moisture absorption to minimize swelling.

Disposable PumpSolution: 

RTP 1300 Series polyphenylene sulfide glass fiber reinforced compound with PTFE


  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • No need for external lubricants
  • FDA compliant polymers and ingredients


Application: HVAC Gears

HVAC gearsProblem: Due to extreme temperature changes (-40 0c to 80 0c) gears were creating excessive noise leading to warranty issues.

Solution: RTP 200 series and 800 series with glass fiber and PTFE.


  • Noise reduction
  • Low friction
  • Improved wear resistance



Application: Micro Pump Gears

Problem: Chemically resistant materials need to pump a wide variety of fluids over a wide temperature range including: espresso, water, pesticides, carbonated drinks, & alcohol. Application requires high wear materials but cannot utilize micro pumpglass fiber.


RTP 2200 Series Peek with carbon fiber, aramid fiber & PTFE

• Excellent chemical & corrosion resistance
• High strength
• Wear resistant
• High heat resistance – Many micro pumps operate at very high speeds creating high temperatures at the wear interface



Application:  Positive Displacement Transfer Pump

Problem: Pump must be light weight and capable of moving hydrocarbons & other chemicals in mining, agriculture, marine, chemical, petroleum, & transportation industries in a range of environmental conditions

pos transfer pumpSolution:

Impeller: RTP 1300 Series compound with carbon fiber, PTFE & PFPE

Impeller Housing: RTP 2200 Series compound with carbon fiber, PTFE & PFPE

Wiper Blade: RTP 2200 Series compound with PTFE


• High strength
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Superior abrasion & wear resistance


Application: Helical Gears for Power Tools

Problem: Power tools need a lightweight moldable plastic that meets high strength and wear resistance Power Toolsrequirements. Eliminate the need for expensive machined steel gears.


RTP 4000 Series PPA with carbon fiber and silicone


• Very high strength
• Moldable to net shape
• Wear resistance
• Quiet operation
• Suitable for high speeds



Application: Water Meter

Problem: Water meter design incorporates a nutating disc, which must poses good wear properties and tight tolerances Water Meterwith long term water exposure.


RTP 400 and 500 series with graphite, PTFE, silicone and or glass


• Tight molding tolerances
• Dimensional stability
• Hydrolytic stability
• Excellent wear properties and low coefficient of friction
• NSF approval for water contact


Application: Wear Rings

Problem: Wear rings are used in hydraulic cylinders and pistons. They require a material with good wear resistance and low coefficient of friction, and must maintain tight tolerances and perform against petroleum oils, fluids and greases over Wear Ringsa temperature range of -40°F to +275°F.


RTP 207A Series TFE13 Si2 HS black heat stabilized glass reinforced nylon 6 with PTFE and silicone


• Resistant to petroleum oils, fluids and greases
• Dimensionally stable
• Combination of good wear resistance and low
coefficient of friction
• Performs over a broad temperature range

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