To capitalize on the benefits of thermoplastic compounds, it is helpful to understand the basics of wear and friction. Most engineers who are concerned with friction and wear performance compare the tribological parameters to judge the suitability of a compound for an application.

Tribological parameters include wear factor, static coefficient of friction, dynamic coefficient of friction, and pressure*velocity (PV).

Comparative wear data for RTP Company compounds in popular resin systems is provided to aid you in appropriate product selection. Physical property data sheets are also available for these grades to give you complete information on applicable properties.

Units Product Series Resin System
English Metric RTP 200 Nylon 6/6 PA 6/6
English Metric RTP 300 Polycarbonate PC
English Metric RTP 800 Acetal POM
English Metric RTP 1300 Polyphenylene Sulfide PPS
English Metric RTP 2200 Polyetheretherketone PEEK
English Metric RTP 4000 Polyphthalamide PPA