EMI Shielding Compounds from RTP Company feature a volume resistivity between 10-2 through 101 ohm-cm. The degree of shielding provided by the finished part is influenced by the thickness, conductivity level, and dispersion of conductive additive used in the compound. In addition to shielding, these compounds can provide some form of ESD control if required by the application.

In recent years, there has been a tremendous surge in plastic resins (with conductive coatings or fibers) replacing metals due to the many benefits of plastics, such as:

  • Weight reduction – important in portable systems!
  • Design freedom – allows complex contours, part consolidation, and fastening options
  • Cost effectiveness – enables higher volumes and reduced assembly costs
  • Good physical properties – inherently corrosion resistant; high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Flexibility – Elastomers make excellent gaskets between mated parts
EMI Shielding Compounds replace metal

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