Case Studies: Wear Applications

Liquid Chemical Pump

The Sotera® Chemical Transfer System is used for transferring and metering agricultural pesticides and industrial fluids. Continue reading

Disposable Scroll Pump

AC Engineering has taken pump technology to a new level with the development of a sanitary disposable pump. AC solved these challenges with their scroll pump by incorporating high performance thermoplastics from RTP Company. Continue reading

Chemical Pump

A chemical feed pump molded by Diemold Machine, Fort Myers, Florida, contains several internal components made of an RTP 100 Series polypropylene compound containing Fluoroguard®. Continue reading

Fluid Handling Pumps

The chemical resistance of an RTP Company’s glass fiber/polypropylene compound provides security against corrosion for parts used in fluid handling pumps. Continue reading

Treadmill Guide & Key Cap Divider

Rapid Injection Molding provides a solution to this challenge. Rapid Injection Molding is a process that quickly turns out high quality products and is frequently referred to as the “bridge” between prototyping and conventional injection molding. Continue reading

Potentiometer Devices

Imagine! Complex engineering plastic parts no bigger than the letter on your phone dial. What a challenge to the designers, the material supplier, and the processor. Continue reading

Bicycle Air Pump

The revolutionary Cyclaire pumping technology made it possible to achieve big performance from a very compact bicycle pump. Continue reading

Airplane Air Filter

Have you experienced flu-like or cold symptoms during or immediately after flying and blamed the poor air quality on your flight? If so, you are not alone. Continue reading

Telescoping Motor

Trolling for “keepers” on a scenic lake or river takes concentration. Many times, both hands are busy with rods and reels, nets, and tackle. Continue reading

Trolling Motor

When Minn Kota® designed the first transom-mount trolling motor with a power retract and deploy mechanism, it turned to RTP Company for a wear-resistant compound. Continue reading

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