Thermoplastics growth in the manufacturing equipment industry reflects the suitability of these materials to meet today’s requirements, add value and reduce over costs in these applications.

We modify plastic resins with a variety of unique modifiers to yield specific properties and functional benefits. You can depend on RTP Company for unbiased assistance during the development process and during production to be a supplier of quality materials who can meet your delivery expectations anywhere around the globe.

Our Materials Provide:

  • Improve mechanical properties for more durable, lightweight, and corrosion resistant parts
  • Design freedom can improve ergonomics to reduce fatigue and injury, thereby increasing productivity and safety
  • Long-glass fiber compounds provide superior strength, impact resistance, dimensional stability, creep and fatigue performance
  • Increase safety with slip-resistant “soft-touch” surfaces
  • Dampen vibration, reduce noise, and protect impact points
  • Bondable to substrates, easier to fabricate than rubber
  • Eliminate/minimize need for external lubricates
  • Increase life expectancy of sliding or mated parts
  • Reduce surface marring and abrasion
  • Minimize static shock dangers and particle build-up problems
  • Provide permanent ESD (electro-static discharge) protection
  • Fully colorable and non-sloughing products available
  • Protect sensitive components from EMI/RFI
  • Shielding properties inherent, coatings susceptible to damage
  • Increase design options and reduce weight over metals
  • Add resistance to ignition and burning
  • Select from 300+ UL Recognized or RoHS/WEEE compliant materials
  • Lower smoke generation and toxic fume emissions
  • Transfer heat through plastic compounds rather than metal parts
  • Plastics resist corrosion better and offer more design flexibility than metals
  • Choose electrically conductive or electrically insulative grades